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This is a blog dedicated to the love of older men. They're like a fine wine: they start out good but they keep getting better with age. Your submissions are welcome and really appreciated! Send in requests or photo submissions and I'll include everyone's men. If you don't, it'll all be Gary Oldman and Alec Baldwin, so please send me requests. I'll do spams occasionally, so look out for those, and honestly, if you ask me to do it, it'll get done (My age range is late thirties and older but I will make an exception here and there).
I'm just the enabler in this addiction we all have.

DISCLAIMER: I get all my photos from Google, I don't make anything on here unless otherwise stated. I am known to have made a couple mistakes with photos and name spellings and if you notice one, please let me know and it will be corrected.

and this week’s stupid face award goes to… 

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Alec Baldwin. Because I haven’t posted about him in a while.

My two favorite men! The ultimate WELOM post!

Gary and Alec together

But Alec what the actual fuck with your hair though…?

Haven’t been on in a few days, I’ve got things planned! Stick with me my fellow WELOMS! 

Irrelevant gif is irrelevant!

Older Men in Glasses.

A young Alec Baldwin; just a little more to make up for the lack of posts.


Don’t hesitate to send in requests and submissions for whoever you want!!

I’m so grateful and surprised that this is taking off! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to make it even better!

Just for fun, here’s a little Alec.

The Baldwin Brothers.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if there’s anything or anyone you want to see more of on here!

We’re thinking of doing spams every now and then, like OM in Glasses, OM in Hats, OM Shirtless?? Haha and of course, DILF’s ;D

Please feel free to submit anything you want or sent requests.

Dedicated to the love of all things, older men.